Tomatoes , 10 x 8
by Warren Stark

Tomatoes is framed

I love tomatoes. Surprisingly, none of my children love tomatoes. So much for passing on your genes. Maybe one of the reasons I love tomatoes so much is that I was without them for a year during my sea duty aboard a couple of US Navy ships in the Philippines in 1945 and 1946. Yes we had no tomatoes. When our convoy headed for San Diego in the spring of 1946, we stopped at Pearl Harbor to re supply the ship. I went to a large round drive-in restaurant called Kau Kau Korners located somewhere between Pearl Harbor and Honolulu. I had a hamburger with two slices of tomatoes. When we finally arrived in San Diego, our ship was quarantined for a few hours pending an inspection. During this period, fresh fruit and vegetables came on board. I found a bushel basket of fresh tomatoes in my cabin. I do not know how many I ate but I do know I ate a very large quantity of tomatoes. That evening, I went ashore to enjoy my first meal in the USA in over a year. I began to itch. I soon discovered that my whole body was covered with hives. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Warren Stark 2006

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